At Aeozo, we combine our team’s global experience, technical skills, sometimes unconventional creative strategies to create custom marketing plans for our clients. We work with businesses from different industries like restaurants, healthcare, retail, public figures and loads of sustainability based projects! We work with more non-profits each month which help the homeless and the poor, and those that work towards conservation of forests, we are not just here to make a difference, “We are the difference”!




Co- Founder



Co- Founder


Abhinav and I met when I was interviewing him for a marketing position at a startup company I was working with. We didn’t end up working on that project together but after discovering we had similar goals and interests we decided to work on some collaborative projects together.

After spending quite a bit of time together working on different types of projects. This then morphed into a full-service marketing agency as we drafted our ideas on how we wanted to change digital marketing for the better and get into the business of growing other businesses.

I had experience working on brand awareness, establishing sales funnels, website development and designing. Abhinav had previously worked at Google and had experience working with multiple billion-dollar companies ranging to budding start-ups, he specialises in Market Research, Business Development and Marketing strategy. So our skillset perfectly complimented one other. We spent 6 months working on contract-based and freelance work and we saw great success progressively in translating our strategies intro results for our clients.

From here onwards, we have built up our own agency working sticking to our original values of giving each and every client the same amount of care and quality work. No matter if it is a small startup business or a large franchise, we give our absolute best to all the clients we work with.

We have ensured that we are result driven whether it’s a business we are newly introducing to the digital world or someone who hasn’t had the opportunity to leverage the benefits of marketing.

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